General Manager

  • Full Time
  • Salary

General Expectations and Competencies

The General Manager is expected to work 40-50 hours per week. The General Manager must clock in and out when at work.


  • • Knowledge of Wine
  • • Budget Management
  • • Ethical Conduct
  • • Communication Proficiency
  • • Computer Proficiency
  • • Problem Solving and Solution Oriented Thinking
  • • Customer Service
  • • Eye for Detail
  • • Positive Attitude

General Manger duties include but are not limited to:

The General Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of wine bar and shop operations to ensure optimal performance and continual improvement in guest service, employee management, sales, property appearance and financial control.

  • The General Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of wine bar and shop operations to ensure optimal performance and continual improvement in guest service, employee management, sales, property appearance and financial control.
  • Administrative
  • Adhere to all payroll policies and due dates.

  • Ensure all invoices are paid promptly.

  • Maintain cash flow weekly and report possible areas of concern to the Company. Work with the Company to develop and implement strategies for dealing with available net funds.
  • Maintain organization of invoices and employee files as per policy requirements. Adhere to Company standards of record-keeping.


  • Oversee the interview and on-boarding process for new employees as per Company policy. Train new staff in accordance with Company standards.
  • Maintain employee files as per policy guidelines. Ensure that labor to sales ratios do not exceed the rate set by the Company through effective scheduling of employees.
  • Ensure that the company’s standards of customer service is met by all staff.
  • Develop and initiate training sessions for existing staff that focus on quality of service and product.
  • Discipline staff as per Company policy and generally avoid creating or allowing situations to develop that are in conflict with our values as well as our legal obligations as employers.
  • Organize staff field trips to both boost morale as well as educate staff and support other local businesses, especially wineries.

Front of House

  • Periodically check the quality of both service and product.
  • Coordinate the cleaning and maintenance of all equipment.
  • Ensure that all parts of the shop and grounds are cleaned each morning and throughout service as needed.
  • Maintain bar inventory.

Food Program

  • Work with SSH and charcuterie staff to ensure that product is regularly available.
  • Place orders for food purchases.
  • Receive food deliveries and check invoices for any irregularities.
  • Coordinate with designated parties for storing product, pricing and putting out on the floor to sell.
  • Review food sales with SSH and maintain a strategic buying approach.
  • Ensure that the curing room and win bar meets and exceeds health code requirements so that the restaurant receives a score on the health department inspection deemed appropriate by the Company.
    Beverage Program
  • Communicates to SSH Beverage Director beverage ordering needs and special guest requests.
  • Works with SSH Beverage Director to ensure proper turn over of product, stocking and receiving, and maintenance of POS.
  • Keep an updated inventory of well-performing by the glass wine options.
  • Maintain plentiful stocking of wine both in the shelves and reach-in refrigeration units.
  • Utilize the POS system to track and market wine sales to customers.
  • Maintain beverage inventory as per TABC requirements.
  • Adhere to all TABC rules and regulations.

Gift Shop

  • Review gift sale with SSH to coordinate on strategic purchases.
  • Replenish retail inventory on the shelves as needed.
  • Maintain inventory of retail items.
  • Enter pricing for new inventory into POS


  • Work with SSH Brand Director and Creative Director to develop and maintain cohesive marketing and branding strategy.
  • Ensure brand consistency and guest experience.
  • Participate in community awareness as set out by management.
  • Coordinate special events, both on premise and off-premise.

Property Maintenance

  • Ensure maintenance and upkeep of property and grounds.
  • Ensure safety and security of guests and staff on the property.
  • Liaison with landlord as needed.
  • The General Manager will report to SSH staff and comply with the SSH Manager’s Guideline. The General Manager must maintain an effective working relationship with SSH staff.
  • The General Manager must be willing to go above and beyond, and take on additional responsibilities and duties not not stated above, as needed.


  • • Current TABC Certificate.
  • • Current Food Handler’s Certification.
  • • Sommelier accreditation program certification preferred but not required
  • • Must be able to lift cases of wine and other products on a regular basis.
  • • Ability to walk, stand and work in a fast-paced, stressful environment.
  • • Able to maintain a clean personal appearance at all times.
  • • Must be able to work during peak times, including on the weekends and during holidays.